Magic and Wonder

“I believe the world is incomprehensibly beautiful — an endless prospect of magic and wonder.” – Ansel Adams

While similar to those of the Elegant Botanical gallery, these images are further enhanced by elaborate nature image frames that are interesting in and of themselves. These frames are created specifically to complement the main image and highlight the magic and wonder that is nature.


Lotus Awakening


Lotus in the morning sun.  The lotus is symbolic of enlightenment and good fortune.  It is surrounded by and image of the underside of water lily pads — yes, they really are that colorful!

Night Blooming Cereus


Night Blooming Cereus with border made up of its leaves.  Such a spectacular cactus flower.  It blooms only for one night but that night is spectacular.  Large and with a beautiful fragrance there are hosting parties throughout the country to celebrate them blooming.

Bird of Paradise Bloom


The bird of paradise represents joyfulness, freedom and paradise.  The border of the photo is made from images of the bird of paradise leaves.

Marvelous Magnolias


Enjoy the beauty of magnolias year round with this beautiful image of the flowers that proclaim spring is here.



Koi fish are said to attract good fortune, luck and abundance.  The border is of the ferns that are reflected in the water.

Lotus Trio


The lotus is symbolic of enlightenment and good fortune. Here you can see the lotus in its various phases, bud, bloom and seed pod.

Lotus Debut


The lotus is symbolic of enlightenment and good fortune. The lotus pictured here is surrounded by lily pads and reflections of papyrus. It is where this lotus grew up.



In Hawaiian culture the plumeria flower is a symbol pf positivity and is used in leis to celebrate special occasion. It has the most wonderful scent!

Queen of the Night


Night Blooming Cereus. This is such a remarkable flower. It blooms for one night and smells divinely. The border is made of the night blooming cereus petals.



Stargazer lily with fern background. Lilies are symbolic of prosperity, purity, royalty, passion and renewal.