Magic and Wonder

“I believe the world is incomprehensibly beautiful — an endless prospect of magic and wonder.” – Ansel Adams

While similar to those of the Elegant Botanical gallery, these images are further enhanced by elaborate nature image frames that are interesting in and of themselves. These frames are created specifically to complement the main image and highlight the magic and wonder that is nature.


Lotus Awakening


Lotus in the morning sun.  The lotus is symbolic of enlightenment and good fortune.  It is surrounded by and image of the underside of water lily pads — yes, they really are that colorful!

Resting Dragonfly


Dragonflies are such busy creatures not wanting to sit still for long.  Here is a dragonfly resting briefly on a dry seed pod surrounded by a froggy frame.

Flying Saucer Cymbidium


Orange Cymbidium Orchid with an orchid borders.  Notice the flying saucer that appeared at its center. Orchids symbolize love and beauty.

One Night Wonder


Night Blooming Cereus. This is such a remarkable flower. It blooms for one night and smells divinely. The border is made of ferns.



Stargazer lily with fern background. Lilies are symbolic of prosperity, purity, royalty, passion and renewal.