Reflective Reflections

Images of this gallery are brain candy. They are made up of an image repeated and reflected in different orientations, creating intricate patterns. Your brain is made to find meaning in patterns and will see things in this configuration that might go unnoticed in a single image. New shapes take hold and transform into other patterns. Attention to details is increased. It is a way of studying nature in all its complexities in an enjoyable and entrancing way.

The pattern repetitions function similarly to the meditative, or reflective, qualities of a mandala. It draws you deeper into the image as your mind becomes more engaged with what it is seeing.

Twin Delights


Queen of the Night – a night blooming cereus flower. This remarkable flower blooms once, after nightfall, lasts only the one night, and smells divinely!

Dancing Lilies


Lilies are native all over the world and hold importance in many different cultures. They symbolize renewal, passion, purity, fertility and royalty.