Elegant Botanicals

“Nature is awesome” is a theme of our website. This gallery contains some elegant examples of that. Most are taken outside our door in Michigan, at our pond and in our sunroom. They are images that captivate us with enchanting forms, colors, grace, and interplay of light and shadow. We hope they enchant you as well.



Brassavola Orchid. White orchids symbolize purity, elegance and reverence.



To see a lotus bloom is such a treat. When the bud opens and the petals unfold it seems to be in celebration of summer.

Lily of the Valley


These delicate flowers are thought to represent the return to happiness. They have a most exquisite fragrance.



The Lotus has been around for 145 million years and has been used symbolically by many religions. It symbolizes rebirth, enlightment, purification, and good fortune.

Night Blooming Cereus


This is a spectacular and a rather large flower. It opens once and only at night.  It has with the most wonderful scent that announces its presence.

White Magnolia


The magnolia flower is the harbinger of spring. It is one of the first blooms in our garden after a long winter and smells oh so sweet!



This sumptuous flower is one of our favorites. In eastern culture the peony is symbolic of royalty, honor and beauty.