Something of the Marvelous

“In all things of nature is something of the marvelous” – Aristotle

If the “Reflective Reflections” gallery was brain candy these are brain Belgian chocolate truffles.

In this gallery we offer the nature extravaganza — reflected images and borders. There is so much to see here. Enjoy something of the marvelous hanging in your home.

Verdant Temple


Another in the Fern Pattern Series. Among the oldest pants on earth, ferns have been around for over 360 million years. It is known to symbolize sincerity, magic, and fascination.

The Gathering


A gathering of our botanical community including Lilies, Protea, Frogs, Lily pads, and Night Blooming Cereus.

Lily Fantasy


Beautiful lily patterns patterns reminiscent of Art Nouveau patterns. Lilies are native all over the world and holds importance in many different cultures including renewal, passion, purity, fertility and royalty.

Lotus Lanterns


Pattern of Lotus Flower Petals with a border of passionflower leaves against a blue sky.