We are Dick and Rosanne

We’ve spent many years cultivating our land into a natural oasis. By avoiding pesticides and other harmful chemicals, our natural tapestry flourishes.

In our time here, we’ve watched the land heal and renew itself and us. It has brought new life which manifested as new plants and garden denizens. What some consider weeds have their own unique qualities, beauty and healing properties. Everything in nature exists for a reason and a higher purpose.

The ability of nature to relieve stress and soothe the soul has led to our tradition of a daily happy hour pond side. Immersing oneself in the delights of nature is a treat we look forward to everyday and is something we want to share with you.

Our photography is a celebration of nature. Focusing on the world around us has given us an appreciation of the incredible beauty and power of nature. The majority of our pictures are taken in our home and garden. We grow many interesting plants, both indoors and out, wild and cultivated.

Every plant and every ecosystem has their own unique offering and abundance to share. Our photography freezes moments in time so they can be appreciated in leisure. It is impossible to see as much as is there in a glance. The more you look at it, the more you see and the more is revealed.

Come home to nature. Reconnect with nature’s delights and its incredible ability to soothe and heal.

Enjoy nature! Enjoy life!

Come home to nature.


Below is a partial list of organizations and persons who have our work in their collections:

  • Acupuncture & Chinese Medical Center, Ann Arbor, MI
  • Ann Arbor School of Yoga, Ann Arbor, MI
  • Dr. Hughes’s Holistic Wellness Center, Ann Arbor, MI
  • Dr. Kyle Morgan, DO, Ann Arbor, MI
  • Great Lakes Sacred Essences, Ann Arbor, MI
  • Colleen Clancy, Brighton, MI
  • Burt and Joyce Arnowitz, San Anselmo, CA
  • Minne Fekkes, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Paula Chiarmonte, Winston-Salem, NC
  • Carol Lawrence, Asheville, NC
  • Jonathan Taylor, San Francisco, CA


ADC Fine Art, Cincinnati, OH

Online Galleries

Blink Art: Featured Artists

Manhattan Arts International: Artist Showcase Members Gallery


Blink, Your Art Resource 2020,
Art Design Consultants, Inc.

Recent Awards

LightSpaceTime 12th Botanicals Art Exhibition, 9th Place -Photography & Digital, April 2022
Healing Power of Color Exhibition 2022, April 4, 2022 – June 4, 2022
LightSpaceTime 13th Annual “Abstracts” Art Exhibition, March 2022, Special Merit Award for “Art Nouveau Pipe Dream”
The Healing Power of ART in Honor of Nature  May 20 – July 20, 2021
7th Fine Art Photography Awards 2021 – Nominee Award in Abstract Category for “Lily Fantasy”, “Skeletal”, and “Triceratops”
7th Fine Art Photography Awards 2021 – Nominee Award in Open Theme Category for “Purple Passion” Series
LightSpaceTime 12th Annual “Abstracts” 2021 Art Exhibition — Special Merit and Special Recognition Awards
LightSpaceTime Patterns Art Exhibition 2020 – Special Merit and Special Recognition Awards
Healing Power of Art The Spirit of Resilience Art Exhibition 2020  Award of Excellence
Featured Artist, Manhattan Arts International,  July 20, 2020
Featured Artist, Artsy Shark, April 2020
Manhattan Arts International Healing Power of Art 2020 Art Exhibition, Award of Merit
Art Comes Alive 2019, 10th Annual Awards and Art Exhibit, Cincinnati, OH.
6th Fine Art Photography Award Nominee, 2020
LightSpaceTime10th Botanical Art Exhibition, Special Merit “Cactus Flower”, May 2020
LightSpaceTime10th Botanical Art Exhibition, Special Merit “Sunrise”, May 2020
LightSpaceTime 11th Abstracts 2020 Art Exhibition, Special Recognition, “Contemplation” March 2020
LightSpaceTime 11th Abstracts 2020 Art Exhibition, Special Merit, “Dragon” March 2020
LightSpaceTime 11th Abstracts 2020 Art Exhibition, Special Recognition “Mandelbrot”, March 2020
LightSpaceTime 9th Nature Art Exhibition, Special Merit, “Butterfly in Asian Pear Tree” December 2019
Manhattan Arts International, Healing Power of Art 2019 Art Exhibition, Award of Excellence Winner
2019 5th Fine Art Photography Awards, Award Nominee