In situ


Joyce and Burt

“We are loving the enhancement of our beautifully framed pictures we have displayed in our home.”

Paula Chiarmonte

“When I sit at my desk working; beneath the lush flower petals in the photograph, I feel both calmed and inspired. Sometimes, while gazing at the image I am transported directly into nature; while remaining home. Daily, this photograph holds deep meaning and beauty for me.”


“I am delighted to have clients coming into my healing office experiencing Dick and Rosanne’s exquisitely calm buddha portrait.” 

Dr. Kyle Morgan

“Dick and Rosanne’s photos create a welcoming environment for my patients. Patients comment on them all the time. I have a little girl who is in love with one of the frogs and has named her Mandy.”

Dr. Linda Berry, DC

“There is a calming quality in the play of light, shadow and color in the photos by Dick and Rosanne.  My patients often comment on that element upon seeing their work in my office.”

Mary Brady

“Thank you for the exquisite metal print of the clouds. It is stunning and so uplifting and inspiring. I was so impressed that it arrived with white gloves so as to handle it carefully. It has now found a welcoming home in my sanctuary space. I just love it and will enjoy it for many years to come.”

Monica Turenne, DVM, CVA, CT, CHPV

“I have had the Lotus photograph in my office for the past 2 months.  My office was always a welcoming place to be but now, with the photograph, it makes me feel warm, safe and loved.  It is truly beautiful aesthetically but to have a photograph transform your emotions after a difficult day, has been just amazing.”