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A Celebration of Ferns


Among the oldest plants on earth, ferns have been around for over 360 million years.  It is known to symbolize sincerity, magic and fascination.

Red Clover, Red Clover


Realizing the elegance in the simplest of flowers. The red clover grows all over the world and is often overlooked. Taking a closer look at this flower reveals amazing patterns which we highlighted in this photo. The border is of a grasshopper on the bud of the red clover flower.

Queen Anne’s Lace Flowers


Queen Anne’s Lace flowers surrounded by trim made of their stems.  If you look closely you will see a spider that is pretty well camouflaged in the trim.

Oracle’s Eye


Night Blooming Cereus pattern with border of clouds.  Such a spectacular cactus flower.  It blooms only for one night but that night is spectacular.  Large and with a beautiful fragrance there are hosting parties throughout the country to celebrate them blooming.