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2023 Planner


Yearly planner with a selection of our fine art photography images.

High quality prints on heavy stock. Size 11×17 inches. Shipping is $5 within the U.S. All pictures in this calendar are available as prints upon request.

Cover – Bee on Tamarisk Flowers
January – Fuchsia Flowers
February – Iris Flower
March – Cactus Flower Pattern
April – Blue Myrtle Cactus Flowers
May – Tomato patterns
June – Lilac buds and flowers
July – Water Lily
August – Frog in Azolla pond
September – Magnolia Flower
October – Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Butterflies and Thistles
November – Flower Bouquet
December – Lily flowers with Lily Pad Border
Back Cover – Hosta Leaf